More on the LA Ring Festival brouhaha

LA Times critic Mark Swed wrote an interesting response to LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich's idea to broaden LA's upcoming Ring Festival by including other composers- Puccini, Mozart & Meyerbeer, along with the more amusing suggestions of Schubert, Schumann & Mendelssohn, to take the focus of the festival away from Wagner the anti-Semite.
The comments following Swed's article are well worth reading, especially the one from Carie Delmar. She appears to have been tilting at this particular windmill for awhile and now has the ear of a prominent pol to aid her cause. Delmar's comment has prompted some thoughftul and provocative repsonses on its own, so by all means read through the thread. Furthermore, Delmar has a brief essay posted on where she lays out her rationale, which is heavily influenced by her own personal history. While she makes a case for her perspective, I don't agree with her largely subjective conclusions. Read it if you have the time.
Still, it was stupid of Antonovich to weigh-in on something he seems to have little understanding of, so I hope the noise around this continues to grow. It can only be good for the Festival and for LA Opera in the long run. Perhaps it will also have the net effect of putting this matter to rest, or at least reframing this particular discussion toward a more productive discourse in the future.
And just out of curiosity, if anyone happens to know if Delmar has been a large contributor to Antonovich's past campaigns, please let us know about that little side note.