Even more LA Ring Festival brouhaha!

One of the unexpected positives to come out of all the noise surrounding LA's upcoming Ring Festival is I've discovered a couple of interesting blogs I haven't read before.

I especially like Singer Central, with some good points on the topic in their post of the 15th. The blog itself it contains a lot of interesting news and information and I'm surprised I haven't come across it before.

David Ocker's Mixed Meters isn't really opera-oriented, and we disagree on the subject at hand, but it's an interesting blog worth taking a look at and his comments on the dust-up are worth reading. He's also published the full text of Antonovitch's proposal on the festival.

Aria Serious, the blog from San Diego Opera, also weighs in.

Perhaps the strangest one comes from very vocal critic of the Festival, Carie Delmar, who set up a blog specifically protesting the festival! http://ringfestlaprotest.wordpress.com/.

Carie won't make it onto my blogroll, but I like to give voice to the opposition- by the way- Jeremy Denk, I'd still like to hear back from you!

Finally (for now), Popehat looks at the subject from a different perspective - and I love their headline, "Every Time You Play The 1812 Overture, A Woman Is Battered"