I dreamt of Wozzeck in a garage

This morning I awoke at an ungodly hour and after making a cup of coffee I decided to go back to bed rather than drink the coffee. Three hours later I again awoke after a dream where I attended Wozzeck performed in a garage. The twenty-foot-wide stage was lit in rainbow colors and Alan Held, who was portraying Wozzeck in this dream, actually looked more like James Morris, only shorter. Marie was played by Salma Hayek. As usual during a performance of Wozzeck, many people walked out before it was over, but I thought it was great. All of my immediate family was in the audience, sitting in lawn chairs placed on wooden rafters. The music actually sounded more like Rosenkavalier and there was an unscheduled intermission when the stage caught on fire, which was extinguished by Donald Runnicles.

Many in the audience ate popcorn in those old style red and white bags and one elderly lady started talking during the performance. She was threatened with physical violence if she didn't shut up, not by me, but I was in full agreement with those who were threatening her. She placed her face on the floor of the wooden risers and started to cry, a position she remained in until the performance ended.

There were no curtain calls. I awoke as I was leaving the garage with the rest of the audience.

Last night I had shrimp and scallops for dinner at the Elks Lodge. I haven't had scallops in about 20 years. Maybe I shouldn't try that again, though I can't say the dream was unpleasant as it was so bizarre I actually enjoyed it.

When I woke up the second time and warmed up my coffee, I turned on the radio broadcast of Siegfried and thought "what the hell is this? A recording from 1930?"

It sounded terrible. Morris sounded terrible. The orchestra sounded like it was in fragments. Toward the end of the first act it came together, and maybe it was just my sometimes poor reception of KUSF, but does anyone else think this sounded like crap? Act II is about to start, but it's a beautiful day and I have better things to do than visit a cave.