While on my way to the Summer Sizzler Roller Derby I stumbled across Robogames taking place right next door at the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason. It was literally the roar of the crowd coming from inside that drew my attention.

This is a pretty cool event, which continues today if your interested. It is very kid-friendly. In fact, kids were all over the place. One was enraptured by this man's pet monkey robot:

For the adults, there's the world's most dangerous blender:

All kinds of robots are scattered about the place:

This one is pretty impressive:

The main attraction appears to be the robot battles, which take place in a huge walled-in arena. The wall is necessary because the robots throw one another against it and people could get seriously hurt by all of the flying metal. It's pretty exciting in a weird Thunderdome way.

There were a couple of these fascinating robotic balls roaming around.

Who knew there was so much fun to be had all in one tranquil spot by the bay on a Saturday night?