The Loba and I went to the Bay Area Derby Girls Summer Sizzler bout at Fort Mason on Saturday night featuring the San Francisco Shevil Dead vs. the Oakland Outlaws. The outcome became clear pretty early on as the Outlaws built up a 22 to 1 lead over the Shevil Dead. The final score was something like 102 to 44 but who's really paying attention to that kind of thing anyway?

This was my first live Derby event, though I loved watching this stuff as a kid and the photograph of Raquel Welch in her Kansas City Bombers Jersey is an image that is indelibly imprinted upon my mind.

The skaters for the Shevil Dead pretty much got spanked, even though they had the cooler uniforms. Well, they were more revealing, which makes them cooler in my opinion. Below is a picture of my favorite of the evening's combatants, the Shevil Dead's Belle Right Hooks:

As one might expect, the audience is not that much different from others found at Bay Area events.

As usual, women tend to dress for the occasion:

This was a frequently-seen fashion statement for both men and women:

The Loba with her girl Frank N Hurter:

I was initially disappointed the skating was on a flat track rather than a banked one, but the concrete floor ensured there would be many serious bruisings delivered during the two skating periods. I was also disappointed there weren't any fights- not even in the audience! The audience was actually a bizarre mix of families, lesbians, and guys who seemed to take the whole thing pretty seriously based on their running commentary and keen observations on the action.

I wanted insert a video of the action here, but Blogger took forever to attempt the upload and I don't have all day.

There was also beer to be had, but even better was the deal of a shot of Maker's Mark as a bonus for an extra buck. The people working the beer and shots booth were very nice, as was the crowd overall. There were partisans for both teams, but everyone was there to have a good time. Being that it was a really nice night and Fort Mason is right on the bay, the entire evening had a laid-back vibe I didn't expect. The crowd, given the circumstances, was actually more pleasant (and polite) than the one I had endured the previous night at the opera house.

Though there were many memorable moments, my favorite of the evening was overhearing this conversation between a young man and a very butch girl who looked like a clean-shaven George Michael circa 1988:

Dude: I think you look you pretty good. I bet the chicks really like you.

Wanna-be Dude: Are you kidding? They love me. I get a lot of action.

Dude: I'd like to see you in action.

Wanna-be Dude: Yeah, you would. Seriously.

This post is an homage to SFMike.