Mark rudio

Mark Rudio started A Beast in a Jungle in January 2009, inspired by other SF Bay Area opera and classical music blogs, especially Patrick Vaz’s Reverberate Hills, Lisa Hirsch’s Iron Tongue of Midnight, Mike Strickland’s Civic Center, Charlise Tiee’s Opera Tattler, and Axel Feldheim’s Not For Fun Only. In July of 2016 he moved to Washington DC. He’s also written for San Francisco Classical Voice, Stanford Live, and Open Skies magazine. He’s currently working as a freelance writer, often on the impact of tech on non-tech industries such as trucking and logistics. He welcomes your questions and inquiries @ markrudio @gmail.com.


Robert battey

Bob grew up in Washington, D.C. area, and is an active performer as well as an attorney.  He has served on the faculties of the State University of New York, the University of Missouri, and at the Levine School. He is currently Director of the Gettysburg Chamber Music Workshop. His extensive writings on music have appeared in the Washington Post, STRINGS magazine, and Washington Classical Review. He also blogs at CelloBello.org


The swede

Rabble-rouser, provocateur, and world-traveler, the Swede grew up in Stockholm, but has been at home in San Francisco for decades.