The knives are out...

As Brian at Out West Arts predicted, the Culture Monster blog at the LA Times is aflame with vitriol for Achim Freyer's Die Walkure. Someone has even suggested booing Placido Domingo when he takes his curtain, not because of his singing mind you, but to voice displeasure that as the Director for LA Opera, he's the one responsible for bringing this director's vision to the stage. I'm not quite sure what to make of such a ridiculous and stupid idea, and furthermore, why are these people bothering? Did they miss Rheingold or not read a single review? Are they opera masochists? That should be one word, even if I have to make it up- operamasochist. I like the sound of that. But will that make me an operadom by default?

Okay, can the operamasochists please all line up on stage left? David Gockley will take you to a nice, safe, warm and expensive seat where you can watch Angela Gheorgieu sing La Rondine. Again and again and again.

Operadoms, step to the right. Freyer and Domingo will show you to your seats.

It's entertaining to read these comments, but listen up- go see this if you can- if it's only half as good as Das Rheingold was, it's still going to be better than almost anything else you're likely to see before next fall. I'll be seeing it tomorrow and yes, I'll tell you what I thought of it, too.