Parting Shots from LA

The following two pictures were taken in a mobbed gallery during the Spring Street Art Walk, which is a completely hot event that takes place downtown at night and the streets (and galleries and restaurants and bars) were full of people.

These large, beautiful and compelling photographs are by Christy Rogers . The models are underwater and the shooting is often done at night. These are just meant to give you and idea of what they look like- the picture are approximately 3'x4'. I don't want to rip-off Christy's work and I couldn't do it justice to try to accurately give you an idea of how gorgeous her work is, go check out her website. The exhibit is appropriately called SIRENS.
I spoke with Christy briefly about the picture below because it has a Gerhard Richter beautiful but scary as hell quality to it and I wanted to know how she achieved the effect of the torn-looking flesh. It's all in the lighting and the water movement. Stunning. Christy was really kind and very straightforward, answering all of our questions with disarming warmth and openness. After thinking about that for awhile, I wasn't really surprised by that because you can see those qualities in the work.

The picture below made my friend Karin want to pose for her.

I'm ignorant on many aspects of contemporary art, so I don't pretend to get it, but I do know what I like and the art below was particularly interesting to me because it thrills at first sight. Unfortunately I've misplaced the notes with the artist's names. Please post a comment if you can identify them (these are relatively accurate representations):

We had to agree to be patted down and have our belongings gone through before we could enter this bar with the keyhole doorway. Couldn't figure out why once we were in. Everyone seemed pretty low key. I love bars filled with well thought-out kitsch. What I couldn't figure was why the this bar had not one but two televisions in it, which reason enough to leave, but both were tuned to sports. So we left without even ordering a drink. I hate bars with TVs in them. Not cool.

This painting actually includes asphalt on the canvas- I guess that's an appropriate medium for LA art.

Below is Morganne, Universal Chanteuse- who was the most fabulously dressed woman I saw all night. Naturally she was in the French gallery. Amazing outfit. I even got to write on her beige suede boots that matched her hat and the lining of her tres cool jacket. Her whole ensemble just rocked it. I wish she lived in San Francisco, because the only women around here that look this great are usually trannies.

My own addition to the cybersphere of what must by now be one of the world's most photographed buildings but there is something about Walt Disney hall that makes one want to touch it and take pictures of it. It's like a beautiful woman. This building is perfect- inside and out.

The Mistress of Malibu, Ms. Tracy Testin

The coolest man in LA via Detroit, Mr. Jeffrey Malinowski

This is the North Hollywood Metro station at mid-day on a Saturday. Notice how nice and clean and shiny it is. Rides are $1.25 for a nice clean, fast train that actually takes you places you want to go. That this might actually exist one day was unthinkable when I was growing up and living here and is probably the single greatest sign that LA has really evolved into an amazing and forward-looking city. BART/ MUNI riders, yes, it is okay to weep at the realization that Los Angeles has superior forms of mass transit than the Bay Area. Who would have ever believed it?

And yet here is the proof. Once they get the line to make it all the way to the beach... well, I may have to move back.
Really- Saturday- 3 in the afternoon! Can you believe it?