At the movies:"The Lady From Shanghai" at the Paramount

They packed them in at The Paramount Theatre again last Friday night for Orson Welles' brilliant noir The Lady From Shanghai. This film used to be my second favorite of his films, though in recent years Touch of Evil has taken its place. Still, seeing the old shots of Chinatown and the funhouse mirror sequence on a large screen in a grand old theater is a treat.

This crowd was huge too, it seemed even slightly larger than the audience from two weeks ago that turned out for Rebecca. Somwhere in it sat Axel Feldheim, and I'm sorry I didn't know he was going. GG and I arrived late, got bourbons from the bar, and sat way in the back of the balcony. These $5 shows, complete with newsreels, a cartoon, coming attractions, Deco-Win raffle and a live Wurlitzer are one of the best nights out in the Bay Area. I only wish they had a real popcorn machine.

Next up- Audrey Hepburn in the classic thriller Wait Until Dark on March 5th. Get there early if you don't want to sit in the very back.