My very favorite things!

First, let's start with the local angle. We have so many quality politicians in our fair City. I especially would like to draw attention to Gavin Newsom, our estimable mayor, who is now looking for any job he can get. Gavin really is a model of moral rectitude and a stand-up guy. At least when he's sober. He should be erected to the Lieutenant Governor's job for no other reason than that he simply wants the job- since he can't be goobernor yet. Why not vote for him? Isn't that enough? Then there's everybody's favorite prancing queen Tom Ammiano, who wants to legalize pot and also wants the current Governor, my hero Arnie, to kiss his gay ass. Tell us Tom, was that request for a rim job or just a kiss on your cheeks?

One thing I especially love about America is our celebrity women. They are almost as hot as our local pols.

For example let's talk about Queen Latifah's cleavage. It haunts my mind. How Dana has gone from a decent rapper (I mean back in the day she had to comptete against Roxanne Shante'!) to bona fide movie star and one of America's most beloved entertainers is a heartwarming story worthy of Joyce Carol Oates at her most sentimental. Latifah is the next Oprah- it's simply her destiny, to which these pictures readily attest. I mean with enough money, any woman who would scare you on the beach can look really hot. That's the way it should be. And let's not forget the finest actress in the world: Has there ever been a finer actress on television than "24"'s Mary Lynn Rajskub? Really, the series' most consistent redhead has brought us eight seasons of the unforgettable pout that reveals more emotion and inner life than anything Meryl Streep has ever shown us. Or even Mary Tyler Moore. Mary Lynn, the series is ending, but you'll live forever- if only I could find a woman who loves me as much as you love Jack Bauer I could die a happy man.

Then there's RUSH! It's hard to pick a favorite rock band, but I have to say RUSH blows any other band away! They're awesome beyond belief. Kansas, Toto, Journey, Bobby Sherman and Styx are close, but if you really want to hear some kick-ass, deep rock and roll, heavily infuenced by the brilliant Ayn Rand, check out this song:

Next up on my list of favorite things has got to be Sarah Palin.

Thank the Christian lord for Sarah. I mean, there's only three years left before America wises up and votes that Antichrist Obama out of office and we can have a real American Patriot with American Values in the White House (and thankfully it will be the White House again!) Palin 2012! You betcha!