In the end, Bjork gets killed by Jack the Ripper

On today's WWD there is an article about the party following the closing of Marina Abramovic's "The Artist is Present" exhibition, where Abramovic spent 700 hours seated in front of people one at a time without moving or saying a word.
A rumour mentioned in this article says Italian designer/Givenchy savior Riccardo Tisci, opera/stage director Robert Wilson and Abramovic are collaborating on an opera.
The photo from the party appearing above of Abramovic and Bjork, taken by Steve Eichner, makes the mind reel at what this triumvirate could come up with, but I'd want to see it- especially if they cast Bjork in the lead.
If they were to actually do this, what opera would you like to see this creative team produce? I can only think of two real possibilities at the moment: Lulu and Lady MacBeth of Mtsensk.
Oh, and Lohengrin would be a natural fit, too.
What say you?