I honestly don't think I've enjoyed a movie as much as Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl in years. Certainly not since Superbad. Maybe since Re-Animator or Evil Dead Part II . That delight comes from walking into a theater with no expectations and watching a movie so expertly done that it's just a delight from start to finish. I really did know nothing about the film, deciding to attend it during the Another Hole in the Head Film Festival just because of its preposterous title. Everything about this Mean Girls meets The Evil Dead Japanese import is spot on. I noticed during the credits that it's based on a comic book. Add one more thing to the long list of things I find myself needing to be further educated about.

Without even bothering to go into detail about the plot (really, the title does explain it all), this is sheer exuberant film-making on every level. The soundtrack is a phenomenal, perfect supporting cast member, always finding the most hilarious way to underscore what is taking place onscreen. And oh-my-goodness what takes place onscreen is a ridiculouly bloody, completely inappropriate riot of gore, goofiness and political-incorrectness that can only come from Japan. I should mention here that I've never been to Japan and I've found that Japanese cinema really confuses me.
I mean really, what is going on in this country?
Lolita fashion, splatter movies, torture porn, electronics and autos are their primary exports. I just can't figure it out. The cast is gorgeous and perfect and have an enthusiasm for the material that's evident in every scene. No one looks like they're slumming it on their way to something bigger.

Here's the trailer. Yes, it contains lots of blood, spurting, gushing and flowing, as well as various body parts in various stages of dismemberment and some great cheesy music from the movie:

If you get a chance to see this, don't miss it. It's the most fun you'll have in a long time. There is one more showing here in SF on July 17th at the Roxie.