For those of you who don't follow these things, the Royal Opera House recently threatened the blog Intermezzo with legal threats and a ban on attending opera there because of some pictures which appeared on the blog. Intermezzo published the letters from ROH and pulled all the posts containing the offending photos. This drew a vociferous response from the public and suddenly the ROH had a public relations disaster of their own creation.

As the uproar grew louder over the past 24 hours, ROH suddenly changed its tune and issued a public apology to the blog and its writer. All the bloggers are cheering about this new twist and it's been quite fun to observe now that it's turned out this way. It's all especially ridiculous because Intermezzo is a prime booster of the company with a very wide readership.

I once worried about some similar kind retaliation when I was ranting about how David Gockley (here and here) was destroying a perfectly fine company here in SF and I though they might bar me from the house because I could see SFO's ISP address constantly looking at those posts, probably waiting for comments which never showed up. I've given up ranting about him for now, since he's obviously not going anywhere, but with Intermezzo's triumph, I feel kind of inspired today.

And what perfect timing! The dullest season ever seen is getting underway tonight at the War Memorial Opera House.