The Stories of Cesar Chavez

Hal Holbrooke did Twain and Lincoln. Someone did Will Rogers but I can't recall who it was. Shoot, even Bush was recently done on film and stage. It makes total sense then, for someone to portray Cesar Chavez in an earnest and thoughtful way on the stage, reminding us of the man whose courage and integrity has often become lost or buried in political symbolism for many people.

Los Angeles resident and longtime actor Fred Blanco has written his first play as a re imagining of certain parts of Chavez's life. It's powerful, thoughtful and inspiring. Blanco clearly idolizes Chavez but this show isn't about hagiography. It's an honest look at an important man who made a major impact on the lives of many but didn't do it for glory. Well-written and superbly acted, The Stories of Cesar Chavez is well worth your time. Highly recommended.

Three more shows at the Exit on Taylor:
TUES SEPT 14 7:00 PM

WED SEPT 15 10:30 PM
SAT SEPT 18 1:00 PM