The Little Chinese Man's pants and package

Today, 5:32 Geary and Jones, headed east...

The Little Chinese Man, who was in no hurry last week when the Femme Fatale and I followed him, was moving pretty quickly and almost caught me by surprise when I espied him directly across the street waiting for the light to turn. I pulled out the phone, switched on the camera and turned around only to find he had vanished. Then suddenly he appeared from behind that white brick wall you see in the photo, coming toward me with a very deliberate, if mincing, gait.

I'm such a coward when I'm alone. I should have just held the camera up and snapped his frightening visage, but instead I tried be surreptitious and shoot him on the sly. Well, all I got was his fly, which thankfully was zipped. I'm sure the white plastic bag contains the severed head of one of his victims.

My hands are still shaking as I write this.