I read the news today...

There's quite a bit of information/ news about some of the smarter people in the arts and entertainment industry in the press today.
First off, the producers of American Idol made some brilliant choices with new judges Jimmy Iovine (the new Ellen/Kara), Steven Tyler (a new Paula, complete with drug-addled mind) and Jennifer Lopez as the new Simon. The only stupid thing was keeping Randy, but oh well. It's a least going to make the show worth watching just to see if soars again or crashes and burns. I think this will actually be pretty good if Tyler stays on the wagon, and even better if he doesn't. Plus inevitably there's going to be someone who wants to take J Lo on in a bitch slap and won't that be fun when it finally happens?

Then there's this article on the Met's electronic media efforts and what Peter Gelb's created with it, complete with some shockingly positive numbers. Gelb may just be the best arts executive on the planet right now:

Additionally, some wise choices have been made on the other side of the country where LA Opera has kept Domingo on board, reshuffled some chairs, and jettisoned a marketing manager who I think did a pretty poor job with the their Ring cycle:

And finally, Katy Perry's breasts were booted from Sesame Street.