The Upcoming link and a disclosure

A year ago, after learning a stalker had moved into my building and being attacked by a couple of drunks whom I had to make a citizen's arrest on, I changed the name and url of this blog and removed all pictures of my friends, of me and any references to my real identity. I also made it a habit of not posting about where I was going to be ahead of time so those people wouldn't be able to find me easily. However, it's been a year, and the violent drunks have probably forgotten about me and been arrested a few times since then (one of them had outstanding warrants in three states for same kind of thing) and I'm not even sure if the stalker still lives here- I never ask about her and a court action made her extremely unlikely to  initiate any contact with me.

While I still keep my identity apart from A Beast to the extent I can and don't post pictures of myself or friends, I felt it was time to loosen up a bit and post a calendar of what I'm going to attend over the next few weeks and it appears under the title picture. Click on it and you'll see where I'm planning to be. Clicking on the links of the individual shows will take you to the most reasonable and informative page about it I could find at the time. I hope it will help promote these performances and at the same time help me to keep the next couple of months straight, since they're going to be busy. Fun, but busy

See you there?