A pleasant evening stroll through the Tenderloin.

I was escorting the Femme Fatale to Muni last night. It was warm out, there were a ton of people on the street enjoying the weather, and all of a sudden the Tenderloin seemed like an (almost) bright, shiny place. This was magnified tenfold when we got to the normally disgusting, bum and junkie-filled Hallidie Plaza and found a full-fledged salsa party underway with a great band and people dancing. It was a WTF moment in the best possible way. I don't know who is responsible for this but that "Thank You!" and please give us some more!
Walking back home after sending the FF back to her castle on the Hill, I checked out this opening at the scrappy, interesting Ever Gold Gallery, featuring the work of John Held Jr., who works in a variety of mediums and seems to have a thing for rubber stamps. A lot of 50's era styling younger women seem to have thing for Held Jr. (who must have a good 10 years on me), so it was an interesting mix of people floating about. The show has some interesting, very detailed works that are well worth spending some time investigating.
The Ever Gold's hours are seen above. The gallery is on O'Farrell between Jones and Taylor. Check it out- the people who run it are good neighbors and the space is a positive newer addition to the neighborhood.