Julie Michelle's photography project/blog/website/experiment in cultural anthropology i live here:SF has been drawing interest since she launched it and the interest only grows as time goes on. Michelle invites San Francisco residents to write something about themselves- what brought them here, what they like about living here, their family histories, etc., and then she takes terrific photographs of these denizens in their favorite locales. The stories and photographs come from all over the City and encompass the unique diversity found here. Young and old, beautiful and not, hipster and average Joe, she truly is capturing the essence of the City's disparate population which lives cheek by jowl in the world's largest small town.

Spots and Spotswood
Tonight there was a retrospective of her work at Somarts, a lively gallery in SOMA. It was like old home week in a way: not only were many of the subjects there, but the event had the feel of real community. All of these people came to look and read and gawk because we do indeed live here, and Michelle's project reminds us why, as if we needed a reminder- it's about the people and the places. The gallery was packed. I was pleased to see many people I knew and to meet some folks I've known of but hadn't yet gotten the pleasure of actually meeting before. It was terrific to get a chance to meet and talk with Rachel, the real persona behind the lovely blog Fog City Notes and her friends the soft-spoken Tenisha and the tall brunette who would disappear often only to return (Laura?). It was also a pleasure to meet Spots' male wingman, Brock of SFIST (but where was the lovely Melissa?), to see the fabulous Dottie again, and to run into the Tenderbloggers evarels and hiimkevin (though I'm never sure I get these identities correct), with whom I rode home on the 27 bus.
Tenderblog, btw, is greatly responsible for expanding the community of bloggers and their readers through their Tendernights events, which has another one coming up on 11/18 from 6-8 (ha ha ha- once this group starts drinking it goes all night) at KOKOs, 1060 Geary @ Van Ness. Come out and meet some folks, tell them why you should be profiled as a Tenderlocal, or show them pix of your dog or cat and get them instant fame and local love. The first Tendernight is where I met Julie Michelle (and many other great people)- and I hope to one day be one of her subjects. In the meantime, check out Somarts, which also has a fantastic Day of the Dead exhibit going on this weekend which really should be seen- poignant and personal, this is real home-grown, local, significant art. I overheard one visitor say one installation made him cry. I knew exactly which installation he meant.
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I live here: you live here- let me take a picture of you.
Thanks Julie-this was a great event and a great way to end what has been a truly remarkable week here in the City- the Giants win the World Series; we have a fantastic parade to celebrate the victory; on November 2nd we are the only state in the union that votes with anything resembling sanity; the weather has been incredible and we live here: SF!http://iliveheresf.com/. What more could one want?