Marching on...

Another year bites the dust, eh?

This blog, now here for almost two years in one guise or another, sometimes feels like a kaleidoscope of people and performances and occasionally the line blurs. Who's performing what and when did this become a stage?  Some names that appeared in the first year are now nowhere to be found, and in the second year new names appeared without explanation. It's a far from perfect world, isn't it?  There is no stable ground, for here we are at play on a fault line, and I wait, certain of the coming quake. I suppose I could move to more solid footing, but by now if I had it in me don't you think I would have done so?  Marching onward.  At least in appearance- reality sometimes reveals the path to be circuitous. Often it leads to where I've been before. Sometimes it seems like an entirely new production and the lights dim, the performance begins and it's only after the final curtain comes down I realize I've seen this show before.

Sometimes I have this dream where I'm alone in a dark, warm theater, watching the empty stage, waiting for the Little Chinese Man to come out and dance.

And there we are. Best wishes to you and yours for the new year and I thank you for reading this beastly thing.