The second night of Prince's Welcome 2 America tour layover in Oakland was far superior to Monday night's show. Though Fet Kuk will think I'm saying this just because he wasn't there, a comparison of the setlists will tell you all you need to know. Too bad if you missed this one. The Superstud seducer from the first night was banished, replaced for this show by a ringleader/MC ready to throw a seriously funky party.

This time Prince didn't play with openers Graham Central Station. Here's how it went down:

Start time 9:15
Let's Go Crazy
Little Red Corvette (extended, scorching and sexy)
Sheila comes onstage and does Glamorous Life
I Love U But I Don't Trust U Anymore
Controversy (a badass, tough, stomping version that sound like Batdance in places with an extended final chant)
I don't know what the next song was, but Prince was playing bass on it.
A Love Bizarre (featuring a furious guitar solo)
Play That Funky Music
Thank You Fa Lettin' Me Be Mice Elf (with Graham Central Station)
Le Freak
Love Roller Coaster
A snippet of Housequake that ends with a Controversy reprise
The ladies sing
Sarah McLaughlin's "In the Arms of an Angel"
If I Was Your Girlfriend
Kiss (with an extended ending based on the 12" version of the song)
Purple Rain (Sheila E. on the drum kit)
Sylvester's Dance With Me in the Disco
Baby I'm a Star
Medley: When Doves Cry/Nasty Girl/Sign O' the Times/Alphabet Street
Forever in My Life
A snippet of Darling Nikki
Pop Life
Single Ladies Put a Ring On It
Jungle Love

End time: 11:20

Now you tell me, Fetkuk, do you really think I'm just saying it was better 'cause you weren't there? Would I do that to you?

It was funky good time, that's for sure. Prince said when he announced these shows that no two were going to be alike it looks like he wasn't kidding. I may just have to back tomorrow night to see else he has up his sleeve. As CC told me after the show- F*#king Great!

For Thursday night's set go here.