Some more of this, no more of that...

Photo by Mark Brown
Back in March I wrote this post in a feeble attempt to explain the scatter shot nature of what's been going on here. Without going into the prurient details, in the two months since much has changed but A Beast is still a poorly-groomed, unruly animal. The "endgame" I wrote of at the time was in reality a game of a different sort in which I was completely played. I'm only now willing to cash in my chips and walk away from table after taking quite a beating.

In a couple of weeks I'm going disappear down south to read some books on a beach for a few days and enjoy a change of scenery.

Prior to that there are a slew of interesting performances coming up- the Mahler concerts at SFS, Druid's The Cripple of Inishmaan, Volti, some great shows from SFJazz and the Met's Walkure .

I'll return in time to catch SFO's Siegfried and Rickie Lee Jones at Davies. Then it will be June and time to take in the best month of the Symphony's schedule, a Ring Cycle right here in town, and more. The Coming Up page has links and information for all of these performances.

As of today, there isn't a link to the other performance, the tale of the game, but the thought has crossed my mind. To that end (and others), I've invited a new author to join me here who's better suited to such material, though that doesn't imply he's any less an unreliable narrator than yours truly. Meet Lambert Strether.