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Looking into Another Hole in the Head

FilmMark RudioHorror
Looking into Another Hole in the Head

The line-up for this year's festival is quite different than the last, with far fewer Asian and fantasy films and a stronger presence of local film makers (both are for the better in my book). Another Hole in the Head was where I saw A Serbian Film last year and while nothing looks to be as ground-breaking and controversial as that film, there appears to be something on tap for horror fans of every sub-genre. I have my own niche preferences, evident in the choices below, which to me seem the strongest contenders for a good time, or a bad one, if you know what I mean.

These are the top 10 films I'm looking forward to seeing over the next two weeks:

Bad Behaviour - 80's-looking (in a good way) Pulp Fictiony thing.

Breath of Hate - looks like a nasty, sex and violence filled grinder (with Jason Mewes!?).

Helldriver - this trailer will tell you all you need to know. I don't know if this can beat Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, for sheer insane, gory glee, but it sure will be fun to find out.

The Craving features former Absinthe and Top Chef Jamie Lauren in a local production that seems pitched to the LGBT crowd but looks to have appeal beyond that demographic. The website has a great 70's style, titillating trailer filled with knives, women undressing, and lots of meat grinding.

The Oregonian-  featuring True Blood's Lindsay Pulsipher... "is like spending 80 minutes in Twin Peaks' Red Room.  Nightmare logic is a frightening thing, especially when there is no waking up.  Calvin Lee Reeder takes his own sensibilities and creates something that is a mash up of the most disturbing images from Lynch, Cronenberg, Jodorowsky, and Kenneth Anger, with none of the humor, black or otherwise."- J. Hurtado, Dallas IFF. Sounds like fun, no?

Red Ice - another locally made film that has something to do with a meth-addicted succubus. Someone looking like a cuckold Hellboy appears in the trailer as do some others looking like Hellraisers.

The Bleeding House - a Gothic serial-killer-vs.-seemingly-nice-family warm fuzzy.

The Book - I can't find any decent information on this locally produced film but AHITH's description is placing this one in the top three I'm most anticipating, even though I'm not a fantasy film fan. The trailer looks bizarre.

Ubaldo Terzani Horror Show - carrying on in the grand Italian tradition, as seemingly only the Italians can.

Absentia - the wild card of the bunch- if the hype is real, it could be great. But then again, it's hype- right?

Top photo from Absentia.