Delirium. Worst bar in San Francisco?

Isabella likes bourbon. I like bourbon. So we popped into Delirium before heading to a movie at the Roxie. The music playing was terrible and the frayed, sagging booth in the corner should have been replaced back when the joint was still called The Albion.

She ordered a Knob Creek neat, with a soda back. I ordered my usual- a perfect Knob Manhattan, up, with a twist. We received two sodas, and then I received my "Manhattan"-  a Knob Creek neat in a rocks glass with a twist in it.

Isabella noticed immediately that whatever was in the bottle of Knob Creek wasn't Knob Creek and said, "Taste this. It isn't Knob." I did and I agreed. In fact, I'd bet $100 it was Wild Turkey 101.

We went next door to Dalva, and got what we wanted. The bartender there was sympathetic, saying he had heard stories like ours before. We never did make it to the movie.