Though I didn't manage to see a complete cycle, I did get to see the whole thing.   For the most part it was interesting, often intriguing, and some moments were thrilling. If it wasn't a total success, well- what Ring Cycle is? If for no other reason (though there are plenty), the impact of Nina Stemme's first complete cycles as Brunnhilde established this Ring as an important one which also featured memorable turns by Heidi Melton, Brandon Jovanovich, Stefan Margita, Gordon Hawkins, Jay Hunter Morris,  Renée Tatum, David Cangelosi, Andrea Silvestrelli, Mark Delevan and Ronnita Miller. Kudos to Gockley, Runnicles and Zambello, along with the hundreds of other people involved in this gargantuan undertaking for making it a success.

Below are the San Francisco Opera Ring posts.

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Die Walküre  06/10/10

Die Walküre  06/23/11

Die Walküre  06/29/11

Siegfried  05/29/11

Götterdämmerung  06/05/11