Stalking Christopher Walken

BrickaBrack's Stalking Christopher Walken, starring, written and directed by Gabriel Grilli, has a couple of good moments, especially when the troupe is re-enacting what might have happened onboard the Splendour the night Natalie Wood went overboard and wound up dead. It also has great ending that will leave you smiling, but a lot of it feels like padding in an attempt to stretch out 15 minutes of good material into an hour-long show, complete with Walken's own show-within-the-show, which feels out of place within the larger frame of the piece. Ultimately it's like a mash-up of three extended Saturday Night Live skits, all about, all starring Christopher Walken!

Lots of time is spent dancing, sometimes well, sometimes humorously, sometimes more seriously than they can actually pull-off. Katie Tandy does a pretty good job of bringing the Natalie Wood, as does Alexander M. Lydon as Robert Wagner. Jonathan Suguitan is appropriately douchey during the show-within-the-show segment. The rest of the ensemble has an infectious enthusiasm for the material, but it needs more cowbell.

Stalking Christopher Walken is part of the SF Fringe Festival and can be seen September 13 at 10:30 PM and September 15 at 6:00 PM.