A maggot blithely threw Schrödinger's cat into the discussion.

I suppose weirder things have happened during the San Francisco Fringe Festival, but Weird Romance, a double-bill of brief but clever one-act plays written Nick and Lisa Gentile, will live forever in my mind for that small, delicious fact. There were three maggots actually, performed by Tavis Kammet, Dan Kurtz and Ashley Cowan,  in Metamorphosize Mon Amor, a punny and amusing comedy. All three actors had excellent timing, delivering the Gentiles'  seemingly endless, Wilde-style puns with aplomb.

The maggot trio was preceded by Russian Roulette, in which two lovers begin to quarrel on the night before their wedding after the would-be groom makes a bad bet with his intended's father about a scene in "The Godfather." The ante continues to rise, eventually turning into a game of "my family is more mafia than yours." William Leschber and Cassie Powell are the lovers, and they have an easy chemistry with each other, though neither convince from an ethnic perspective, which would have given the last third of the play more bite.