In New York, Peter Matthews offers a view of the SFS strike from an Empire State of mind, while the Musicians of the San Francisco Symphony finally got a little wiser and published a sympathetic letter by one of its more beloved and eloquent members, Associate Concertmaster Nadya Tichman on their Facebook page, asking Board President Sakurako Fisher for assistance to work this out. That's a big tactical improvement over what they've done so far, which has accomplished little more than alienating huge portions (though certainly not all) of their audience. SFS's Director of Communications Oliver Theil has posted a detailed update from the organization's side, including what they put on the table, here.

Other than that, there's not much news on the strike front. I'm wondering if Yuja still gets paid for the concerts, and how much in real dollars the cancelled East Coast tour will cost the company (the cost in prestige and goodwill is probably incalculable). Anyone know the answer?