"This is It."

Soul Sides made me aware of the "new" Michael Jackson single "This is It" today so I checked it out and discovered a great MJ song none of us has ever heard before. Well, most of us, at least, It seems that Michael collaborated on the song with Paul Anka way back when and then for some reason decided not to do anything with it and Anka let someone named "Safire" (or something like that- who really cares?) record and release it.

I think it's a terrific song- very reminiscent of the late 70's, early 80's Jackson whose death has proven to be as big (I would say a lot bigger) as Elvis's. Check the song out on the Youtube link above- even in this rough demo it has an easy mid-tempo pop groove that is instant ear-candy.

Once it's remixed/ produced properly, surely in time for the film that is about to hit theaters, it's going to be a huge hit. Why it hasn't seen the light of day before now is beyond me. It makes me wonder what's in the vaults, and certain that there's a lot more music from Michael Jackson coming our way. One can only hope, which will almost certainly be in vain, that it is all this good. But for now, there's one more tune to add to the list of great songs he made- and by my count, that makes it almost 50.