Since I originally started this blog to write about opera and classical music and other high-fallutin' interests of mine this post may throw some of you off, or even put you off, but it's my blog and I'll write about what ever I want to simply because I can.

Tonight's question is why was the teaser episode of "Glee" so freakin' good? I read some positive reviews in the Times and SFGate prior to tonight's broadcast, but the show really exceeded my hyped expectations. Now, before you get all dismissive and haughty, know that the last show I saw one episode of and fell in love with was "Deadwood," and if you can find a similarity between the two besides sure-handed and near-flawless execution let me know, okay?

This one episode just seems like it hit the zeitgeist dead on. I wonder if when it returns in the fall it will seem the same way. That's going to be a real challenge, or maybe time and attitudes just move slower than I think they are at this point in time. And how did this come from the creators of "Nip/Tuck," which I had to turn off after 15 minutes in sheer revulsion and still felt the need for a shower.

If they can keep it up in the fall when the show returns, look for Glee to become a monster success because it hits its tried-and-true, uniquely American-centric themes with the blunt force of a baseball bat to your face, but due to the times we're living in makes it feel like a delicious orgasm. You're brain should be saying, "Oh god, please make it stop" but instead it's asking for a larger dose. It's complete, masterful manipulation.

Make no mistake- the creators of this show have taken the pulse of the U.S and have come up with a confection acknowledging how messed up things are while reminding us how good things are going to be once we're out of these woods, because gosh darn it- this is America. And yet the show winks to the cynics every chance it gets and then swats away that same cynicism with defiant faith in its mission and message.

Amazingly, they pull it off. It evens manages to do it with a soundtrack featuring Journey. The people who are behind this show are brilliant. Bring it on. I want some more.