I can't seem to recall the last evening I spent leisurely at home but it feels like it was prior to visiting New York. Last night I got together with the Femme Fatale and the Minister's Rebellious Daughter for drinks and two more plays at Fringe. The Femme ended up having to depart prematurely, leaving the Rebellious one and me to take up the plays on our own. We made the first one, He/She and Me, a love story with about a minute to spare. It was determined afterward the Rebellious one would write the review for this one, while I would take care of the second, The Self Rose. At this point however, all I can say is that both were worthwhile. After 14 different performances in a week I, Marcher, have hit the wall and look forward to Friday, an evening of nothing to do except catch up on Mad Men. Until then, I'm going to skip tonight's opening of Werther and see it next week. Instead I'm opting for the more relaxing (and of no consequence to A Beast) choice of attending the Giants game with Penelope. Tomorrow night is Aida- if I can make it that far.

He/She and Me plays three more times:
WED SEPT 15 7:00 PM
FRI SEPT 17 7:00 PM
SAT SEPT 18 4:00 PM

The Self Rose twice more:
FRIDAY 17 10:30 PM