Penelope and I went to the Giants/Dodgers game last night, and as we were watching the game she reminded me of the former name of this blog since we had attended the symphony opening, heard a great jazz concert featuring Janice Siegel of Manhattan Transfer at Filoli (which I will eventually put up a post about), Fringe plays and more during what has been a pretty busy week for me. She wasn't even there for half of what I've attended.

But roaming high and low is what makes it interesting to live here because there's simply so much to take in. It also keeps one's perspective fresh, because after hanging out with Penelope and two old-time Giants fans at Public House after the game, I awoke this morning with a second wind, looking forward to seeing Aida tonight with Newsome.
A note about Public House: you folks need to decide if the place is a bar or a restaurant and act accordingly. At around 10:40 the bouncer/doorman came over to our table and told us if we wanted a last round to do it now because the place closes at 11:00 and everyone needed to be out of there. Curiously, the kitchen was closed by the time we went depsite the fact there were at least 100 people in the place and more followed in behind us. So, owners of Public House, you have a restaurant where the kitchen closes after the game? That makes no sense at all. We looked around at all the people in the place, all drinking, some just getting started and said, "Really? You want to clear all of these people out of here?"
The bouncer replied "Yes, the restaurant is closed, and we need to clear it.Need everyone out by 11:00"
Well, Public House, I've worked in restaurants and one thing you do not do is tell people when it's time to leave. Yes, you can do that in a bar, but you don't do it in a restaurant. So decide, because it left a pretty bad taste in our mouths. And the Manhattan wasn't great either. As for the food, well, we couldn't try any because the kitchen was closed. Dumb.

Finally, last night was the third baseball game I've attended this year, which is three times the normal amount I usually go to in a season. Two visits to ATT and one at Yankee Stadium has made me conclude that modern stadiums are really a pain in the ass and it's better to watch the game on TV. Who needs to go to a game only to be assaulted by mindless crap during the entire game. It's especially awful at Yankee Stadium, where not only the seats horrifically narrow and the volume of the speakers deafening, but it costs more to go to a Yankees game than it does to attend an opera at the Met. Go figure.

And there you are.