A Serbian Film gets censored for US release

Fangoria announced today that the US distributor of A Serbian Film will be releasing an edited version of the film when it hits theaters on May 13. An unedited version will be available to watch online via FlixFling. The recent charges of screening child pornography against the director of the Sitges Film Festival after screening the film has apparently spooked the company into a retreat from the original plan, which was to release two versions of the film to theaters- an edited versions for the chains, and an un-edited one for independent theaters.

Tom Ahsley, CEO of Invincible Pictures, said to Fangoria, “It was always our intention to release this film uncut, but given the recent charges against Sitges director Angel Sala, we have decided to release an edited version. We believe this film deserves to be seen as the filmmakers originally intended and hope to be able to release A SERBIAN FILM uncut in the future.” He also added, “This is an excellent opportunity for FlixFling to offer something totally exclusive to our growing community.”
To which I say, "Bullshit."