Some of this, some of that....

A Beast has been anything but consistent lately, I know. A bunch of Prince posts, then suddenly out of the blue come these American Idol posts, the random classical concert or dance performance popping up for air in between all of this other stuff and some longer-than-usual silences. The crazy-quilt, who-knows-what's-coming-next state of this blog currently reflects my life at this moment in more ways than one.

Though I've been sick for the last week, I'm going to beast-up and go hear Kurt Masur conduct an all-Mendelssohn program with the San Francisco Symphony tonight. Tomorrow night Penelope and I are going to see "The World's Oldest Profession" at the Brava Theater, and then on Sunday I'm going over to Berkeley to hear Cal Performances present Jonas Kaufmann, the tenor currently taking the opera world by storm, in his local debut.

While I'm busy doing all of this, the contours and shape of my life may be changing in significant ways as something else plays out in a quiet house on a hill in San Francisco. Come Sunday morning, everything may be different. Then again, the song could very well remain the same as it has been these past couple of years. I'm a bit on pins and needles, waiting to see how this all plays out. An endgame has begun. In the meantime, thank goodness there's art, life, and the constancy of Penelope.